My work and accomplishments

My work & accomplishments

My work & accomplishments I started cleaning other people’s bakery in the early 90’s. Today I am happy to clean my own bakery even when my staff makes a mess!

As the founder of the Brixton Cake Shop, my career aim is to be known as one of the most renowned bakers ever from Jamaica. I aspire to be expert in most things sweet. I have somehow carved out a name for myself because of my personality and the work that I do. I am also adept at adorning cakes with unique embellishments to make my products palatable and irresistible works of art you’d never want to cut. I have been baking since I was 14 and I believe this is what I was born to do. I always dedicate all my time, skill and passion to anything I put my mind to that will make any of my brands stand out.

I always tell people 2 things, 1. I am from Jamaica, because good things and people can come from Jamaica and 2. I am a self-trained pastry chef who started by baking for friends, friends of friends, family members, neighbours, and large community events – its how I started.

Baking has become an important part of my life. I came to the UK in the late 90’s; after working in many bakeries across London I couldn’t quite convert to the Victorian way of baking and decorating cakes. My style was more North American and the bakeries didn’t want to know what that style was all about so I decided to make a cake for a friend… and that was it. By word of mouth the requests kept pouring in and subsequently a home based cake making business was born – “Simply Delicious Cakes and Pastries”.

With baking 20 hours a day in my kitchen at home and selling my delicious creations it became apparent that the change was needed. Some people said it was the ‘down home taste’ – as the aim was always to remain the same; an individual sense of identity as a business in terms of the feel, the taste and style. Staying true to the original spirit – is what it’s all about.

“I am lucky to have the best customers who supported me from the beginning when my shop was just a home based business. Now a ltd company providing culinary artistry, with a passionate team of people.” The mission is to inspire and touch every person, neighbourhood, city and the world with my cakes, my passion, and my culture.

I am popular in certain places for different things. Everywere I go I make myself known by networking with people. I believe it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it that makes you exemplary.

As a proud member of the LGBTQIA community I have done my fair share of work within the community; that being raising money and awareness for HIV & AIDS for the Terrence Higgins Trust by giving the charity a gateway to my night club’s space, Caribana. Caribana was the first of its kind night club in Birmingham back in 2003, giving that black LGBT community a safe and fun space to express themselves through music and dance.

After 2 years Caribana transcended to a bigger audience in London where the club lasted until 2012. Within that time I received 2 Gay Community awards for the work I have done. Becoming “Gay Scene” royalty I have picked up a few accolades here and there, in newspaper and magazine articles as myself or my alter ego Celeste.

Let’s talk about Celeste; Celeste is my alter ego persona I could never be ashamed of. After all it was Celeste’s determination that drove me to where I am today, as my original self was diagnosed with cyclothymia but my alter ego allowed me to be fearless and productive. While undergoing scrutiny from the public I still persevered and so Kris learnt a lot from Celeste and by this Your Majesty Kris was formed.

Your Majesty Kris, today I boast over 111k followers on Facebook (at the time of publishing), to some that’s not much but to me it’s everything!… I am a one of kind person

My work and accomplishments speak for itself via my brands.

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