The 90’s Era

The 90's Era

The 90’s is a time I can never forget. It’s the time I became a man; so I was born in the mid 70’s in Kingston Jamaica – upon growing up I lived through the late 70’s, the 80’s and it wasn’t until 1992 hit I became a teenager and started partying and I knew I was in heaven. The 90’s gave me the right to live and enjoy my teenage life. I can remember Madonna’s “Vogue” and Robin S’s “show me love” on the radio over and over. Girl group En Vogue was a hit as well as TLC, Kris Kross, MC Hammer to name a few. My Mom and Dad were alive then. Family mattered. Not only family but my LA Gear sneakers too… lol

The culture and dress sense was amazing. At the time of writing this I can hear The Fresh Prince of Bel Air on the TV in the background that was pre-recorded on the VHS tape -up until today we knew every word in most episodes word for word. The 90’s was sheer fun. What wasnt fun was dial up internet jeeeezus!… Young people today have no idea how frustrating that was – I should know but the technology boom killed all of that, our reality was playing outside in the yard and making toys from drink cartons.

Here’s a list of the things I remembered from the 90’s

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