Cranberry Fruit Cake

Cranberry Fruit Cake

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If you love anything that is sorrel based then you will love this sorrel cake.

Baaaybeee, you are just going to love this new fruit cake!… When I tell you its everything!… ITS EVERYTHING!… The smell of the cake is of deep red berries, some spicy mulled wine. Hint of alcohol makes the smell warm and inviting to have a bite. Moist deep crimson red sponge, fantastic consistency. Complex and rich taste where the cranberry smoothly aligns with the right sweetness and fruits. Just one bite fills the mouth with long-lasting pleasure. The rich taste is fruity, a bit nutty in harmony with the rum. It is elegant like a queen yet has the characteristics of a Caribbean Lady.

*Baked as a 10 inch round in a sealable foil tin and weighs 1600g / 3.5 lbs

Weight 1600 g
Loaf -

Non-Vegan, Vegan


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