Terms and Conditions or order

Terms & Condition.


It’s your responsibility to check that all details on your your order is correct, if it’s not it can be rectified ahead of time. Final checks will be made regarding your order so we may still contact you to verify some of the information.

It is to be understood that once you have made a payment, you have already agreed in principle to our terms and so our cancellation clause will be in full effect.

AMENDMENTS/CANCELLATIONS: We understand that plans can change, and we will gladly assist you in cancelling or making changes to your order if sufficient notice is given. Should you wish to cancel an order we need 3 working days’ notice (not counting Saturdays & Sundays). Orders that are shipped abroad cannot be cancelled after they’s collected by the shipping company.

ORDER PROCESSING: We may contact you again about your order just so we get things right and correct any discrepancies ahead of time – it is your responsibility to check the details of your order as we cannot be held responsible if you order/collect and something is wrong. We cannot make any changes in less than 24hrs as most products.

SHIPPING: Our system will generate your tracking information automatically. We will not be liable for orders delivered late due to circumstances beyond our control eg. customs, hard to find addresses and accidents that cause damage. In the case of a delivery where your order has been damaged, it will have to be reported to the carrier as it will be insured to value.

DAMAGES & ERRORS: You are required to check your order carefully upon delivery and report any discrepancies.

RETURNS & REFUNDS: We want you to be completely happy with your order. Please understand that we bake in batches of 40 – 80 cakes per batch, so if there is an issue with one product from the batch we expect all to have the same issue, we will always investigate within 24 -48 hrs. Food is always down to personal preference in terms of taste and texture. If you haven’t had our cakes before we suggest not reading our testimonials.

COMPLAINTS: Should you wish to make a complaint please do so in writing to: complaints@brixtoncakeshop.com.

After you collect your cake.

  1. Must be consumed within 5 days
  2. Cakes will dry out if not properly wrapped/stored, even if refrigerated
  3. Our Cakes contains eggs and if not kept refrigerated/frozen it will go off
  4. Cakes can go off because of cross contamination in the fridge
  5. Cakes can go off because of a rise in temperature/condensation
  6. You can store slices or chunks frozen for months (it is the best way)

The purpose of the information provided above is to set out our terms and conditions of service and our policies, so our customers are better informed and adhere to our ordering procedures. We always aim to provide our customers with professional, efficient, and courteous informed service and to do our best to improve the standards of the service.

YMK in collaboration with the Brixton Cake Shop has every intention of ensuring our product quality is achieved as well as protecting the Brixton Cake Shop against any unforeseen customer complaints in terms of damages due to Customer recklessness and negligence as once left the shop and your cake is damaged we might not be in a position to offer an alternative.

Standard Shipping

Estimated dispatch within 7-10 working days

Excludes weekends (Saturday – Sunday) and UK bank holidays.

Please note: during our sales period, deliveries may take longer than usual.