My closet is like a time capsule of clothing that either makes me happy or sometimes sad when I look at certain items; in saying that I get happier moments are from the ones I have chosen to remember especially when I pull-out the 1st Christian Audiger jeans and T-shirt I bought when I became an independent world traveller!

I used to tell myself I am not a suit and blazer person until I was invited to present an award in Toronto in June 2022. The suit had to fit right and most of all made me look good. Before then suits were just a no no!… I am just a Plain Joe when it comes to going out in suits. A suit has been modernised these days and be in the form of jeans, unprinted shirts, trainers and a soft blazer.

-I love printed T shirts!… In my closet you can find scores of T shirts, mostly black, as black goes with anything these days. Before I started growing my hair the investment in caps was a shocking 300. I couldn’t go anywhere without a cap now I am sporting braids and so my image has slightly changed – depending on the occasion of course.

I often buy things that don’t fit my lifestyle, and I never get to wear them. They just sit in my closet; so now I maximise on a minimal level, I have a minimal wardrobe where I rework and recycle clothes to get maximum looks with minimal purchases. It is important to keep certain pieces in your closet so that you don’t buy items you dont need. It’s all about being more sustainable and conscious of your shopping habits making sure your wardrobe pieces are on point. For me, it’s all about the items that suit my body and style. It’s a good way of tying things together, including a few good pieces so you can enjoy multiple options repeatedly without getting the urge to overspend.

Before I got married I started buying clothes weekly and I was drawn to the same style of clothing every time. What was the point of buying another pair of black jeans when I already have one that can be recycled? I can now easily walk away from trends that don’t work for me and keep within “my style”. Even the word ‘trend’ these days doesnt sound right.
“Fashion, after all, changes, but style endures” – Coco Chanel

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